The company GEOTAR MANUFACTURING, founded in 2018, is engaged in its own development and production of educational simulators (Leonardo, LEO+, etc.), modernization and refinement of existing educational simulators, as well as the development and implementation of hardware and software systems for the Objective Structured Clinical Examination with the possibility of video and audio recording and automation of the accreditation process of specialists. At the same time, GEOTAR MANUFACTURING is a participant in the project of creation and maintenance of the Skolkovo Innovation Center.

The company also provides warranty and post-warranty service of manufactured products and complexes, conducts training of end users, constantly takes part in specialized exhibitions both in Russia and abroad.

At the moment GEOTAR MANUFACTURING is actively developing the export of its products. Several foreign companies - Romanian Medical Simulator Projects and Italian Accurate Srl - have become its partners.


One of the products of GEOTAR MANUFACTURING is a hybrid dental simulator Leonardo. This simulator is intended for training and accreditation in the specialty Dentistry, as well as for automation of the educational process. The device allows to conduct training on dental practice, which reproduces the real conditions of patient admission and exactly simulates the work on a dental unit. The Leonardo simulator provides an opportunity to conduct trainings on application of local anesthesia, treatment of all types of caries, tooth turning in orthodontics (inlays, veneers, crowns, bridges), as well as free dissection. 

The apparatus also includes the X-ray tool, which allows you to take a picture of the teeth of the working jaw. Computer control of all operations allows an objective evaluation of the work and makes it possible to view the entire dissection process in the form of computer graphics and synchronous video recording from the installed camera. It is also possible to work out methods of teeth extraction (without computer control).

Microsensors monitor the execution of interventions with real-time display on a virtual model. The mobile dental unit allows practicing manipulations on a real model of the jaw.

Unique software displays the position of real instruments on the 3D model of the jaw and tracks the accuracy of the execution using electromagnetic tracking technology. The software has a clinical case download function that allows you to study and train real cases from medical practice. The interface is available in English and Russian, and it can be easily localized into other languages.

Leonardo training simulators, installed in one training institution, can be combined into a local network that allows to broadcast the lesson and video stream of performed manipulations from the teacher's workplace to the students' workplaces and back. The progress of each student's course of study is stored in his or her individual folder for later analysis and problem case studies.

Dental simulator

Another product of GEOTAR MANUFACTURING is a dental simulator LEO+, which is designed for training and accreditation in the specialty Dentistry, for training students and interns, as well as for the formation of manual skills in dentistry. The device allows to conduct training on dental practice, reproducing the real conditions of admission of the patient and exactly simulating the work on the dental unit.

The simulator combines a full dentist's workplace with instruments, illuminator and patient phantom. The simulator has unique software for training, self-control and accreditation.


The apparatus includes a set of lessons (on different topics: anesthesia, orthodontics, cariesology), each of which is a complete module with anamnesis data, images, visual instructions and video clips of the manipulations.

The anesthesia module is represented by an interactive questionnaire, where a trainee collects an anamnesis from a virtual patient in a live chat mode. According to the results of the survey the choice of type of anesthesia, drug, etc. is made, and the software evaluates the correctness of each parameter and indicates errors during the anamnesis collection. The whole training process is recorded on camera, and the video file is saved for each user. It can be viewed in the library and used for debriefing or appeal.

The software has a built-in lesson editor that allows the instructor to create and edit lessons himself, customizing the simulator to the individual needs of each user.

Approbation at foreign universities

Production of the GEOTAR MANUFACTURING is applied in higher educational institutions at the Departments of Dentistry, simulation centers for formation of manual skills at students-dentists, and also control of manual skills at students in postgraduate education.

Since December 2019, the simulator Leonardo is on trial at Ajman University (UAE) - Gulf Medical University. Since February 2020, the simulator was handed over for testing at the University of Tour (France).

Company facts

  • Since December 2019, the simulator is on trial at Ajman University (Gulf Medical University, UAE). Since February 2020, the simulator was handed over for testing at the University of Tour (France);
  • It is a participant in the project of creating and operating Skolkovo Innovation Center;
  • The company's official distributors in the European Union countries: Accurate Srl (Italy) and Medical Simulator Projects (Romania);
  • Devices include training modules on different topics.

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