DataPro is a Russian operator of a world standard network of data processing centers.

The high level of quality and reliability of the company's facilities is ensured by the most advanced engineering infrastructure and is confirmed by certification for compliance with the Uptime Institute Tier III standard.

The priority of DataPro is the development of its own network of data centers, provision of data center services and IT infrastructure outsourcing to Russian companies at the world level, as well as construction of commercial operation of data centers in Russia, provision of their data centers for server equipment of banks, telecom operators, industrial holdings and other commercial companies, whose activities depend on stable and uninterrupted operation of the IT structure. In addition, the company offers rental of server equipment, storage facilities, as well as cloud and telecommunications solutions.
The amount of DataPro clients is more than
100international and russian companies

History of company development

DataPro company opened its first data center in Tver in 2013. It became the only data center with Tier III Design and Tier III Facility certificates located outside the Moscow region. The design solution of the data center allowed to accommodate 400 racks with capacity from 7 kW. TIER-III Facility certificate is issued by the Uptime Institute international organization based on the results of a serious audit and testing for compliance with reliability and fault tolerance standards. 

The reliability level of TIER-III Facility means that all active equipment is backed up at least according to the N+1 principle, and failure or scheduled shutdown for maintenance of any equipment does not lead to shutdown of data center operation. The TIER-III Facility certified data center ensures service availability of at least 99.982%.

DataPro is consistently expanding its network of data centers in Moscow and the nearest Moscow region. At the beginning of 2020, the company introduced a new DataPro II data center in Khimki with a capacity of up to 3,000 new rack slots, taking 7.5% of the market. This secured the company's third position in the rating of domestic data centers according to iKS-Consulting.

Description of the company's data centers

Each DataPro data center machine room is designed for 100 server racks and is located in a separate germ zone. Machine rooms are divided into hot and cold corridors. Two power rays are fed to each rack, each of them is connected to two different power units of the equipment. Four Internet channels are fed to the telecommunication rack. The data center shall be charged from two power substations. The backup power supply to the Data Center, in case of city power outage, is provided by the Center's own diesel-rotor generator sets, which are redundant according to the 4/3N scheme. The fuel reserve is designed for 12 hours of operation without city power supply. Twenty-four seven monitoring is carried out in the data center.


Services provided

1. Placement of server equipment (colocation)

The company offers the service of server equipment placement (colocation). Among the advantages - no-failure operation of the data center, repair without stopping the equipment, the allowable downtime - 1.6 hours per year, a powerful backup communication channel. Depending on the size of the IT infrastructure, DataPro company offers three different services for the placement of server equipment: rent of rack space, dedicated perimeter in the machine room, machine room.

2. Renting server equipment in DataPro

The next service in DataPro company is renting server equipment, providing turnkey IT infrastructure. The company provides: server cabinets with high-quality rack equipment (cable connections, power distribution units, automatic reserve inputs, etc.), maintenance, the possibility of subsequent redemption by the customer of high-quality server equipment.

3. Cloud solutions

The company cooperates with the largest provider of cloud services - Technoserv Cloud service with more than 25 years of experience. Advantages of cloud services: fast access and a wide range of opportunities, convenient management from anywhere in the world, reasonable budget, scalability, twenty-four seven service, availability and security - cloud solutions are provided on the basis of fault-tolerant data center with the level of reliability Tier III, the cloud platform is built on a software suite of leading IT-producers - Hewlett-Packard, VMware, Microsoft, which guarantees its high quality.

4. Lease of dedicated communication channels

In addition, DataPro company offers lease of dedicated communication channels (for data transmission in a separate segment, not through a public channel), Internet access (for standard data transmission), lease of its own fiber optic communication network (for high-speed transmission of large volumes of information), access to the network infrastructure of Meet-Me-Room (to connect to any telecom operator right at the data center site). DataPro also provides additional services, such as rental of full office or warehouse space with round-the-clock maintenance service.

Specializes in the construction and operation of data centers in Russia
Data centers with Tier III certification
Offer data center rent, server equipment, cloud and telecommunication solutions
At the beginning of 2020, the company introduced a new DataPro was II data center in Khimki with a capacity of up to 3,000 new rack slots, taking
7,5% of the market

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