Parus Electro

The company Parus Electro, founded in 2011, is a leading domestic developer and manufacturer of converting equipment: uninterruptible power supplies of alternating and direct current, solar inverters, electric charging stations, etc.

Its own design bureau consisting of more than 20 people allows the company to provide the whole cycle of work: from development of new models to the production of finished products. In this case, the company's specialists independently develop and produce all the necessary solutions for the project, including those designed to meet the special requirements of customers.
Production and assembly are carried out at the full cycle plant in Moscow, as well as at the company's own production site in Leninsky district of Moscow region. This approach ensures shorter manufacturing times and optimisation of production costs, as well as compliance with legal requirements for import substitution.
All production facilities used by Parus Electro are built according to the three-stage quality control system according to ISO 9001 standart. The company's products are not inferior to the world's leading brands in terms of technical and quality characteristics, while being more profitable in terms of cost and having a shorter production period.



The activity profile of Parus Electro is to develop and produce the following products:

- Uninterruptible power supplies of alternating and direct current;

- Network solar inverters;

- Electric charging stations for electric transport;

- 19-inch telecommunication cabinets;

- Energy-saving light-emitting diode lighting;

- Container infrastructure solutions.

Against the background of competitors, Parus Electro products have a number of advantages:

- Domestic manufacturer of converting equipment;

- Series production of full cycle with three-level quality control according to ISO 9001 standart;

- Own design documentation and developer staff;

- Full cycle of works from development to production and delivery of products;

- Support and service throughout the entire product life cycle;

- 22 service centers in all major Russian cities;

- 15 regional representatives to support customers and partners in the field.



Parus Electro's profit for the last three years increased by 40%: from 114.9 million rubles in 2017 to 160.8 million rubles at the end of 2019. The company's export turnover is at the level of 1.9 million rubles, while the management plans to increase this figure by 25% in the near future

Work in the domestic market

During the successful work since 2011 Parus Electro has managed to strengthen its positions in the domestic market - it is one of the five leaders in its sector in Russia, holds 5-10% market share. 

For example, for three consecutive years Parus Electro provides uninterrupted operation of the whole complex of equipment and workplaces involved in the Direct Line with the President of the Russian Federation.

Parus Electro has a 5-10% market share
The company developed sales channel with over 100 dealers and 300 resellers
The company provides full-cycle serial production with three levels of quality control according to ISO 9001 standart
Parus Electro is among the
top-5 companies
in its sector in Russia


The company has a developed sales channel, which includes more than 100 dealers and 300 resellers, as well as a network of regional offices. 

The main customers of the company are the largest Russian companies, leaders in their fields: Gazprom, Rosneft Oil Company, Lukoil Oil Company, Transneft, Rostec, Alrosa, Russian Railways, Moscow Metro, MTS, Rostelecom, VimpelCom, Megafon, Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network, MOESK, Mosenergosbyt, RusHydro, Solar Systems, Avelar Solar Technologies and others.



Despite its stable position in the domestic market, Parus Electro has been actively developing its export industry since summer 2019. For this purpose, the enterprise cooperates with Russian Export Center, Mosprom, Moscow Export Center, Ministry of Industry and Trade, and also participates in business missions, official delegations, international exhibitions. At present, the company's products are already delivered to the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Bulgaria, India, Syria, Pakistan, Algeria, Mongolia, Senegal and Cuba. Export accounts for less than 10% of the total income of the company


Parus Electro
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