Engineering and Production Company TECHNOPLAST, founded in 2012, produces roof ventilation and canopies.

At the moment the company is one of the leaders of the Russian market - ventilation elements Krovent that are known to consumers in all regions of Russia, as well as in The Commonwealth of Independent States and Europe.
Initially, the author of the idea was Vadim Smirnov, who to this day is the CEO of the company and a part-time chief author of the entire line of products.
The company has its own park of casting machines and
48 moulds


In the assortment of the company TECHNOPLAST there are not only Krovent elements for pitched roof ventilation, as well as aerators for the device ventilation of flat roofs, canopies, ventilation grilles for the attic and grilles for the basement. 

In 2019, laboratory tests of Krovent ventilation elements were carried out at the Technical and Test Institute for Construction Praha, which is confirmed by the European Test Certificate. The manufacturer also provides the Russian certificate of conformity and safety data sheets.

All products are made of impact-resistant plastic that is resistant to ultraviolet rays and temperature fluctuations. In production, dyes are used at least 7 levels of fading. Weight of ventilation elements is quite small and therefore in the transportation of products allowed to store them on top of the roofing materials. Thus, trading companies save significant amounts on transportation costs, because the cost of delivery of ventilation elements Krovent in this mode of transportation is almost zero.

High quality products - one of the company's priorities. The latest developments and materials used to create all goods, constant quality control of raw materials and finished products allows you to provide a multi-year warranty from the manufacturer. 

Due to the constant expansion of the product range, the company management pays special attention to prospective fields and designs. Some products have no analogues in the world, which is confirmed by patents for invention.


In 2016, the first batch of Krovent ventilation elements were sold for export to the Commonwealth of Independent States countries. In the same year, the products of the brand Krovent first entered the European market. Since then, exports have been made on a regular basis. However, elements of roof ventilation Krovent are exported to foreign markets not only TECHNOPLAST, but also Russian partners of the company, which also have a positive reputation with European partners. 

The first European partner was the Maikon company, cooperation with which continues today. The guarantee of long-term relations was the constant quality of products, attractive price conditions, as well as production and delivery time. In comparison with competitors, working on prepayment, TECHNOPLAST company provides permanent partners with a delay of payment. 

Constant expansion of the geography of ventilation elements supplies Krovent demonstrates compliance of product quality with all international standards and gives an incentive to the company's staff to continuously improve production methods, study and implement the best international practices. TECHNOPLAST company is interested in finding new foreign partners and is ready to expand its product line to meet the needs of each market segment.


Innovative development

TECHNOPLAST's management adheres to the company's innovative development strategy. Today's time is a time of technology and competence, so within a single strategy, the company is constantly engaged in updating and modernization of production lines, process equipment, improving every step of the technological process and technologies as a whole.

At the same time, we continue to master the methods and tools of lean production in order to promote products in the most rational ways. In the conditions of global competition, these very criteria, not only quality and price parameters, become the basis for development and prosperity. Development of TECHNOPLAST company goes mainly at the expense of own funds, which are earned to expand production and modernize it. 

All this makes it possible to influence the production cycle, to manufacture products under the customer's brand, to change the set at the customer's request, to significantly reduce production time, as well as to receive any technical information in a short time. TECHNOPLAST has sufficient production capacity to meet the demand not only in the domestic but also in foreign markets.

Facts about company

  1. TECHNOPLAST is full-cycle production company.
  2. High quality production is priority to the company.
  3. Exports to CIS countries and European market have been made on a regular basis.
  4. TECHNOPLAST's management adheres to the company's innovative development strategy.

Russia, poselok Kolyubakino, 29, ulitsa Majora Alekseeva
+7 499 400-54-41