Aeromax is a Russian hi-tech company, which combines the most advanced competencies in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles, including artificial intelligence technologies and information systems development for solving problems of almost any business sector.

Aeromax started its activities in 2018 and is actively working on expanding its client base, offering solutions for monitoring of long and flat objects, aerial photography, aerial laser scanning and the introduction of geo-analytical systems. The company has implemented a number of significant projects in various industries, including the ones for large Russian investors.
The company's strategy is aimed at development, implementation and subsequent replication of intelligent high-tech solutions that provide competitive business advantages in the global unmanned aerial vehicles market.

At present, Aeromax offers the market solutions for aerial photography, monitoring of long and flat objects, remote sensing of the ground, airborne laser scanning. Aeromax actively participates in the formation of the unmanned air transport market and conducts tests on its unmanned aerial vehicle technologies, which in the future will allow integrating the drones into the common airspace.

The company produces its own software for automated processing of survey results, visualization of orthophotoplans, construction of 3D models and virtual reality elements based on aerial photography. The software is developed and improved by a highly qualified team of in-house programmers, who passed strict selection and have many years of experience in large Russian and foreign companies. In addition, the company creates modern interactive solutions for development and construction, as well as customised versions for European and Russian clients. 

Besides, Aeromax is engaged in production of unmanned systems: digital modeling, ground elements development, software development of all levels, creation of unmanned aerial vehicle complexes and target loads, computer modeling and flight tests.

Experience of domestic market development

Over several years, Aeromax has implemented a number of significant and large-scale projects in various industries in Russia:

  • Power Grid Companies.

Several thousand kilometers of overhead line infrastructure were monitored by unmanned aerial vehicles and various target loads of such companies as Bashkirenergo, Rosseti Lenenergo, MOESK and others. 

The Company has developed its own tool for processing aerial photography data without the use of lidar imagery, which allows to obtain a significant amount of important data on the state of the transmission line infrastructure, to obtain information on the presence of illegal structures in the security zone, to identify and classify trees and vegetation potentially dangerous for the unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as assess the area of felling for clearance and expansion. 


  • Forest Complex.

Aeromax, together with Segezha Group, one of the largest forest industry companies in Russia, launched a large-scale technology project to develop a geographic information system for a forest complex enterprise. The finished product of the project will allow to combine data starting from the planning of a calculated logging site and obtaining objective information about the state of the forest fund to the end-to-end control of the logging, movement and accounting of the harvested products at all stages and transfer to the end user. 


  • Construction and development.

Over 100 construction projects of companies (Leader Invest, Etalon Group of Companies, etc.) in Moscow and Moscow region were monitored in order to record construction dynamics, carry out construction supervision, as well as to form detailed photo and video reports and prepare presentation and reporting materials for real estate buyers. 


  • Oil and gas sector.

Replacement of classical geodetic surveys for design and construction with high-precision digital technologies Aeromax with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles at the Orenburg field of Gazprom Neft.


Aeromax started its operations in 2018 with the provision of services to one of the largest Russian holdings, since 2019 the company has already entered the regular provision of services to customers not only in Russia but also in the international market.

According to the results of 2019, the company's net assets amounted to 36.5 million rubles, retained earnings - 6.5 million rubles. The company's project revenue more than tripled since 2018: from 16.3 million to 54.4 million rubles in 2019.

Forecast revenue for 2020 is more than
Gross profit of commercial projects - 55 million rubles

Export activity 

The company has developed a geoportal, which allows to visualize in a single window mode the geospatial data from different sources, media materials, as well as data lidar survey of overhead lines and infrastructure facilities in Eastern and Western Europe (Lithuania, Romania, Czech Republic, Finland, Spain, etc.). Aeromax has completed a number of successful export contracts to provide licenses for the developed software.

Besides, Aeromax plans to enter new markets of high-tech services in the nearest future: the Commonwealth of Independent States (Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belarus), Asia (India, Malaysia), Middle East (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar).

Within the next five years the company's management intends to become one of the market leaders of the Russian Federation in the provision of services with the help of unmanned aerial vehicles. 

Actively expanding its export network
Aeromax was the first to start delivering various goods to remote settlements in the Tomsk Oblast as part of the pilot project
Develops software for automated processing of survey results from the Middle East and North Africa
Intends to become one of the market leaders in the Russian Federation in the next
5 years
to provide services with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles

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