The company BASK was founded in 2014, but in fact the brand BASK exists since 1992 and has almost 30-year history of success in the outdoor market.

Initially, the BASK specialized in the production of jackets with down filling, but since 1993, the list of products offered is constantly growing, and today the range of BASK products includes more than 400 current models of clothing, travel gear and a variety of accessories.

The company constantly cooperates with Russian and foreign suppliers of materials. Many years of cooperation guarantee timely delivery of products and provides the possibility of long-term production planning in advance.


BASK products are represented by six collections and product lines:

● Over the Arctic Circle - clothing for the harshest weather conditions, able to protect from cold to -40 ° C and below. The collection is a flagship and a real pride of the company and is created with the help of its many years of research;
● BASK City - not only warm, but comfortable and stylish outerwear for the city;
● BASK kids and BASK juno - functional winter collections for children and teenagers;
● BASK Expert - a collection for true connoisseurs of outdoor activities. These products were tested in the most extreme conditions. The collection is created in collaboration with professional athletes - to achieve maximum efficiency;
● BASK Adventure - clothing and equipment that includes storm jackets, sweaters, sleeping bags, backpacks and tents;
● Various accessories - hats, mittens, socks and other important details that will perfectly complement stylish and functional protection in the cold season;
● Fluff bags - down semi-finished products manufactured for the needs of third parties, allow you to use BASK's decades of experience to achieve impeccable product quality.


BASK has been exporting its products since 1991. The first batch of mountaineering jackets was shipped to Nepal. Today the company has a wide geography of exports: Canada, Chile, Great Britain, South Africa, New Zealand, Sweden, Republic of Korea, the Commonwealth of Independent States countries and others. Export in the share of BASK production steadily exceeds 3%, and every year it is growing both in quantity and in percentage ratio. Today, the main prospects of the company's development are connected with export.


BASK partners are the world's leading manufacturers of insulation fabrics and fittings such as Polartec, Pontetorto, Toray, 3M, Duraflex and others. Over the years, the company has repeatedly acted as a partner of unique projects with the participation of Russian and foreign professional athletes, as well as travelers who in the most extreme conditions, tirelessly confirm the superiority of Russia, proving the reliability and functionality of new models of BASK.


4 facts:

1. About 95% of the company's products are manufactured in the Russian Federation;

2. The BASK team consists of more than 20 professional photographers and athletes, among whom climbers are particularly distinguished;

3. Since 2000, BASK products have been exhibited annually at the specialized international exhibitions in Munich and Friedrichshafen;

4. BASK has its own scientific base. In 2018, Dry Siberian Down® down mixes were developed. BASK carries out regular scientific and research work to study the thermal properties of outerwear.


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