Founded in 1997, Photocor develops manufactures and markets equipment for the analysis of nanoparticles in liquids using dynamic and static light scattering techniques.

Such instruments allow to determine particle size, concentration, zeta potential and molecular weight in the nanometer and submicron size range. These parameters are relevant both for fundamental and applied research in various fields of science and for control and management of technological processes in modern industries.

Areas of activity

Photocor is working in several directions:

Equipment for particle analysis.

During its activity, the Photocor company has created a number of unique nanoanalysts and techniques not only for measuring the size of nanoparticles under normal conditions, but also in low-transparent dispersed environments, which allows, for example, to study the colloidal properties of oil and gas condensate systems.

Development of custom solutions. 

The company's employees are engaged in the development of various tasks. When fulfilling an order for this or that product, individual customer requirements as well as specific equipment are taken into account.

Scientific activity. 

Photocor successfully cooperates with various enterprises and scientific organizations. In addition, the company participates in promising research projects in such areas as: improving the accuracy of measurement of nanoparticles, the study of samples with ultra-low concentrations of nanoparticles, studies of phase transitions by light scattering methods, studies of oil and gas condensate systems, the development of new optical methods of medical diagnosis.

Another of the company's services is technical and customer support. It consists in installation and launch of products in customer laboratories, as well as training of personnel in the operation of devices. It is conducted in person or by correspondence, depending on the customer's capabilities. At the same time, Photocor employees perform warranty and post-warranty service of the delivered equipment.

The main product of Photocor is the following equipment:

- Multi-angle light scattering spectrometer Photocor Complex;

- Particle size and zeta potential analyzer Photocor Compact-Z;

- Particle Size Analyzer Photocor Compact;

- Miniature particle size analyzer Photocor Mini.

Patents and honors

Originality of technical solutions and copyrights for devices manufactured by the company are protected by a number of patents. All product line of Photocor has an official certificate of ROSSTANDART measuring instruments.

In 2009, one of the newest developments at that time - a miniature nanoparticle analyzer - was awarded the title of The Best New Generation Instrument by the Russian Academy of Sciences.


In recent years, several scientific and technical projects of the company have been supported and funded at the federal level. For example, in 2020, Photocor's team completed research and development activities worth 18 million rubles. 

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The company's track record also includes successfully completed works on topics:

- Development of the method and device for express diagnostics of oil dispersion composition to prevent accidental formation of asphaltene-resinous-paraffin deposits in underwater pipelines during hydrocarbon production from the Arctic shelf.

- Development of diagnostic methods and technology to create a device for express analysis of geometric and electrokinetic parameters of non-spherical nanoscale objects in liquid dispersions based on multiangle static, dynamic and electrophoretic light scattering.

Customers of the company

Since the company was founded, Photocor has been working closely with universities and various laboratories not only in Russia, but also abroad.

Originality of technical solutions and copyrights for the devices manufactured by the company are protected by a number of patents
In 2009, the Miniature Nanoparticles Analyzer became The Best New Generation Instrument by the Russian Academy of Sciences
The company's scientific developments are funded by the Innovation Promotion Foundation
The company's equipment is supplied to research and educational institutions in
8 different countries
USA (University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins University, National Institute of Standards and Technology, etc. ), Canada (University of Manitoba), Japan (HORIBA), India (University of Delhi), France (Université Sorbonne Paris Nord), Belgium (University of Liège), Denmark (University of Aalborg), Italy (University of Naples), Norway (University of Bergen)

The company also cooperates with Russian research institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the leading universities of the country: Moscow State University, Saint-Petersburg State University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, National Research Nuclear University Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, National University of Oil and Gas Gubkin University. 


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