Biletarium Marketplace is a platform where Russian museums (or companies that have contracts with museums) lay out their tickets or services, and tourists from around the world buy these services.

The project is presented as a web-version and mobile application on different platforms. The user has an opportunity to choose the language and currency suitable for him.

History of creation

Since 1993, the event-tourist holding Favorit was engaged in receiving foreign tourists on the territory of the Russian Federation, servicing domestic tourists in Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Golden Ring of Russia, organizing events for business in Russia and abroad.


Due to the fact that in 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic completely stopped the activity of the company, the team of Favorit, having weighed all its experience and competence, assessed the situation and trends in the tourism industry and predicted the market needs for the coming years, was able to reconstruct the business model of the company so that it was relevant in the tourism industry and profitable for the organization, not only during the period of lifting the restrictions, but also in the next 5-15 years.

"We have analyzed all types of services required for foreign tourists, and found the type of service that foreign partners can not book on their own - Russian museums. Work with museums, especially for a foreign tour operator, is a complex process, including signing a contract, drawing up applications, buying tickets and other a number of actions and conditions necessary to serve foreign tourists", - explained the company.

Having assessed all future prospects of the tourism industry, the team of Favorit has found a niche in which it can advantageously use its advantages and realize a product that is really necessary for the market. To implement its project, the company has created an information technology product - Biletarium Marketplace for Russian museums.


At the moment, the Biletarium base has museums of mass visits in St. Petersburg and Moscow. 

 According to the company's plan, by the end of 2021 the platform will be connected to museums from all over Russia (at least 7-8 objects in each Federal District), and from 2022 is expected to connect the museums of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

By the end of 2020 it is planned to connect to the service at least
50cultural objects

Company facts

1.         Russia's first museum marketplace. There are no analogs of the project on the Russian market at the time of the project release, there are global aggregators with which preliminary partnership agreements have been concluded - Biletarium Marketplace will be the official supplier of tickets to museums in Russia for the world's largest platforms.

2.         Maximum variety of museums. It is planned to connect museums from all regions of Russia, and later - the museums of the Commonwealth of Independent States countries. The support of regional tourism committees has been received in advance, allowing the most effective involvement of show objects in cooperation.

3. Maximum number of payment systems. Among the methods of payment there is WeChat, which is a huge advantage in the Asian market. Also available are the main payment systems popular in the domestic and international markets (Visa, AliPay, JCB, American Express, etc.).

4.         Instantaneous booking confirmation. The internal system of order processing allows to provide instant confirmation of reservation, which is no longer implemented in any of the Russian services.


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