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ORTOMODA is the largest manufacturer of orthopedic shoes and the only enterprise for individual production of adaptive clothing for people with disabilities in Russia.
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The Design Center for Shoes of Special Design ORTOMODA , founded in 2001, is the largest manufacturer of orthopedic shoes and the only enterprise for individual production of special (adaptive) clothing for people with disabilities in Russia.

In 2019 ORTOMODA became a resident of the Special Economic Zone Technopolis Moscow, where at the moment there is a digital factory. ORTOMODA is the winner of many specialized competitions and awards in the field of rehabilitation industry (Hope for technology), children's goods (Golden Bear), social (Impulse of Good). Participation in them gives an impulse for the development of the company, and also helps to keep the feedback not only with ordinary consumers, but also with government agencies, experts and volunteers.

About company

Digital factory of ORTOMODA is equipped with the latest facilities that allows to produce high quality products at prices affordable to the mass consumer. The location among other innovative production facilities allows for close cooperation and collaboration. Many modern technologies such as 3D-scanning, additive technologies, industrial internet things are used and tested in production.

The company has a powerful design department, which employs young specialists, graduates and trainees of the Russian State University named after Kosygin (Technologies. Design. Art). Designers and constructors follow the modern trends of the world of fashion and beauty and integrate them into the products of ORTOMODA .

The company's products can be purchased at their own expense, on compensation through the Social Insurance Fund, or free of charge under a government contract in retail stores (three in Moscow and four in the Moscow region), where consulting and diagnostic services are provided. The company also provides wholesale supplies of orthopedic shoes and adaptive clothing to all regions of Russia and neighboring countries. In addition, the company has its own online store.

In 2020, the company ORTOMODA received the official status of a social enterprise - in addition to the fact that the company provides orthopedic shoes to about 20 thousand disabled people a year, of the 110 employees of the company - 20% have different degrees of disability.

Adult and children's footwear

The company's products cover all categories of customers thanks to a wide nomenclature, which includes adult and children's footwear mass and individual production, preventive and therapeutic character and is divided into the following lines:

First steps

Children's footwear for beginners to walk kids. Special footwear will help the child to form a correct gait and posture and will promote healthy development of the spine and legs. 


Children's school collection Smenka. Due to the fact that about 70% of children need specialized orthopedic shoes, ORTOMODA developed a unique collection of school orthopedic shoes that will perfectly fit any school uniform. The shoes are made of genuine leather with a comfortable fastening on the foot. 

The shoes are for children with musculoskeletal disorders

All models of such shoes are made only from quality materials resistant to abrasion, have a special shape, thanks to which the foot is softly maintained in the correct position, as well as a lot of auxiliary corrective structures that contribute to the formation of a correct gait, compensation for deformities in the foot and comfortable shoe process.

Adult shoes for people with diabetes

Shoes from this collection take into account all the recommendations of doctors and have a special shape that supports the leg in the ankle area. Soft strong materials are used for these shoes, which are designed to fix the foot, while not exerting excessive pressure on the skin of the feet.


Women office collection Comfort. All models of the office collection are made of natural materials. For more comfort the height in the night part of the shoes is increased, and soft elements with the effect of memory of the nightgown part are ideal for a long working day. Built-in shock absorbers compensate heel shock load and heel effect.

Hallux Valgus

Presented shoes for the treatment of valgus deviation has orthopedic shape, due to which the pressure is removed from the problem area of the bone and distributed throughout the foot. Moreover, a specially shaped shoe hides flaws in the foot.

Special adaptive clothing

Unique direction: the compamy ORTOMODA produces special adaptive clothing. These are custom-made products: inclusive school uniform, orthopedic pants, special bags - overalls for lying patients (disabled). All these products are designed for the convenience of self-service, or care for the patient and improve the overall quality of life.

For all products of the company ORTOMODA there are certificates of conformity and registration certificates of state sample


At the end of 2019, ORTOMODA carried out the first in Russia supply of orthopedic shoes to China. The key vectors of the company's development in the near future are expansion of export geography, as well as the development of a digital platform for remote reception and production of orders according to individual customer standards, including in cases where there are complex deformations of the foot.

Main facts

1. ORTOMODA is the largest manufacturer of orthopedic footwear and special (adaptive) clothing.

2. The company is a resident of the Special Economic Zone Technopolis Moscow.

3. ORTOMODA has its own design department, which employs young designers and fashion designers - designers who follow modern trends in the fashion world.

4. In 2020, the company received the official status of a social enterprise.


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+7 495 255-55-24
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