Vector-Best-Europe is a Moscow representative office of Vector-Best (Novosibirsk) - one of the largest Russian manufacturers of reagents for in vitro diagnostics by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, polymerase chain reaction and clinical biochemistry methods.

For over 25 years, the company has been supplying clinical laboratories with high quality automatic and semi-automatic equipment, reagents and laboratory plastics.
The main goal of Vector-Best-Europe is qualified assistance to medical diagnostic laboratories in solving their vital tasks.

History of creation

In 1989, on the basis of the Research and Production Association Vector was established shop for the production of kits for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. According to the state order, the immunoenzyme test system for human immunodeficiency viruses detection was the first to be produced.

In 1992, the company Vector-Best was established with 70 employees, four product names in the catalog and production volume of about 5 thousand immunoenzyme kits per month.

At present Vector-Best Company is among the leading Russian manufacturers of reagent kits for laboratory diagnostics.

One of the largest Russian manufacturers of reagents for in vitro
During the pandemic, released a test for diagnosis of COVID-19
Exports its products to 9 countries
Produces more than
600 types of products

The company's work is based on the multilevel system of quality control of the manufactured products:

● All reagents and raw materials undergo incoming quality control;

● The Biological and Technical Control Department checks each product series for compliance with specifications;

● Monitoring of analytical characteristics of arbitration kits of each series of manufactured products is carried out during the whole period of validity.



Has a modern production facility with a total area of more than
20 000 square meters
Which meets the requirements of ISO international standards. At the same time, the company's products meet all European safety and quality standards.

Automation of laboratory research

Today, when automating laboratory tests, the most important component is not only the availability of equipment for automation, but also IT-solutions for the full cycle of tests, starting with the registration of the sample during sorting and ending with the correct delivery of the result.

Many years of experience in development of test systems and validation of their work with various analyzers, as well as the work of IT-specialists allowed to form a complex technological solution for laboratories in the following areas: biochemical research, immunoenzyme analysis, polymerase chain reaction diagnostics, immunohematology.

The company also offers solutions for laboratories of different productivity - from low-performance express laboratories to large centralized reference laboratories with software product implementation.

Working during COVID-19

In response to the challenges of the global pandemic in 2020, the company developed and successfully launched a series of COVID-19 diagnostic kits. The test line includes both the widely used polymerase chain reaction test (to detect coronavirus pathogen) and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay based tests to track the dynamics of an already detected disease. All these tests have passed CE certification and can thus be supplied to most countries in the world where this European marking is recognized.  



Vector-Best-Europe is a distributor of the world's leading companies, among them: Dynex, Bio-Rad, Grifols, Ritter, Thermo, Sartorius, Sysmex and others.

Since 2017, Vector-Best-Europe began mastering export activities, as the quality and characteristics of the kits are of interest not only to Russian partners, but also to foreign customers.


Today, the company has stable business relations with partners from Italy, Poland, Latvia, Bulgaria, UAE, Pakistan, Serbia, which purchase both widely used tests (to diagnose human immunodeficiency viruses, hepatitis, a large list of pathogens) and highly specialized tests to determine the immune status of the body, markers of susceptibility to certain diseases, etc.


Russia, Moscow, 84/32 Profsoyuznaya ulitsa, Building 1
+7 495 710-76-96