Wealleco is a company founded in 2018, which provides Russian manufacturers with fast, affordable and safe access to the global market.

The main activity of the organization is to develop the export of non-raw goods from Russia in order to develop Russian entrepreneurship in particular and to ensure the prosperity of the country as a whole.
Wealleco forms a new perception of Russia as a reliable supplier of unique and high-quality products by bringing verified Russian manufacturers to external trading platforms.

Wealleco's core values:

- ensuring the security of transactions for both the Russian manufacturer of goods and the international buyer or client;

- to be a reliable guide for novice exporters by providing them with legal, consulting and logistics support based on our own experience;

- providing quality and environmentally friendly goods and services to international partners.

At this stage of development Wealleco is not only a platform for entering foreign markets, but also aims to unite reliable, exclusive, environmentally-oriented Russian manufacturers into a professional union, which aims at sustainable and long-term promotion and support of Russian exporters.

Wealleco's main resources:
The company has a gold account with a three star rating at Alibaba.com
Network of own agents and partners in the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean, USA, China and India
English- and Chinese-speaking professionals with ISO certification and combined foreign economic activity experience for over
30 years

In its work Wealleco company strives to achieve all 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations . Among them, Wealleco sets priorities for itself:

  • good health and well-being;
  • ecosystem conservation;
  • decent work and economic growth;
  • responsible consumption and production;
  • partnership for sustainable development.

That is why the products presented by the company are environmentally friendly, using the latest scientific developments in the production process and using only natural products.

Wealleco company unites
25 Russian
Product matrix of these manufacturers has about 300 stock keeping units

Work with Wealleco


Wealleco offers Russian entrepreneurs the services of export department on outsourcing, ensures the presence of Russian goods on the largest wholesale market - Alibaba.com, and also builds an international sales channel.

            Besides, Wealleco offers a number of other services:

●   Marketing research;

●   Marketing adaptation;

●   Wholesale and retail sales at Alibaba.com;

●   Retail sales on five domestic online platforms;

●   Organization of multimodal cargo transportation (export/import/inland);

●   Checking customer's legal cleanliness;

●   Organization of customer's visit to the enterprise;

●   Support of all stages of the transaction with the client;

●   Full legal support.

Advantages of Wealleco

        Working with Wealleco is distinguished by a number of beneficial advantages, namely:

●   Speed: up to 30 days to enter the international market.

●   Efficiency: creation of product presentations according to international standards.

●   Efficiency: answer to the client within 30 minutes thanks to English-speaking staff in different time zones.

●   Technology: creation of a commercial offer within 30 minutes, taking into account the delivery to the customer through an integration solution with Maersk, COSCO, Hapag-Lloyd.

● Security: preparation of reliable contracts according to win-win-win model.

●   Uniqueness: turnkey support from listing to closing the deal.

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Company facts

1.   In March 2020, Wealleco entered into a partnership agreement with SORP Group, the leading consulting group in the Arab Emirates, which provides business development services in the United Arab Emirates and the region with the support of international and local agencies, the Dubai Economic Department and 45 United Arab Emirates Free Economic Zones.

2.  Wealleco aims to promote Russian products under a single brand: in September 2019, Wealleco launched production of organic chewing gum made of resin. In December 2019, a store was launched at Amazon.com to promote such products in the United States.


Russia, Moscow, 10, Brodnikov pereulok, Building 1
+7 985 467-93-36