Boslen company was founded in 2002, and during this time has transformed from a production structure into a publishing house specializing in the production of original nonfiction publications and albums.

The publishing house is distinguished by a special attitude to the level of printing performance of the book, the search for new forms and design solutions, the desire for technological innovation, as well as enthusiasm and a wide range of creative interests.


The publishing house Boslen publishes books in the following areas: fiction, biographies and memoirs, children's literature, natural sciences, art and art history, history, literary criticism, history of folk costume and applied literature.


          Publishing houses:

  • Publishing house of the European University in St. Petersburg;
  • PROSAIK Publishing House;
  • publishing house Rudomino Book Center.


  • House-museum of Marina Tsvetaeva;
  • Abramtsevo museum-reserve;
  • astronautics museum;
  • Moscow Art Theatre museum;
  • Silver Age museum;
  • Russian Ethnographic Museum;
  • Sergiev Posad State Historical and Art Museum Reserve.


  • Institute of Business and Design, workshop of Boris Trofimov;
  • Institute of Translation.

          Public and private organizations:

  • Alumni Association of Moscow State Institute of International Relations,
  • international discussion club Valdai,
  • Moscow Agency for Tourism and Recreation,
  • Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights.

At the same time, Boslen cooperates with many printing companies and manufacturers of materials on the territory of Russia - Ulyanovsk Press House, Pareto-Print, Uralsky Rabochy, Chekhovsky Printing Plant, as well as companies Europapir and Antalis Russia.

Awards and prizes

Books from Boslen publishing house often participate and win in various contests and awards in the field of literature and book publishing.

Thus, for several years in a row the company participated in the annual international contest of book illustrations - Image of the Book. 

In 2017, the Boslen publishing house received a special jury diploma for its publishing projects.

In 2018, the famous book designer Maxim Rodin was awarded a diploma for his work on the book by Boris Zaitsev - Comfort of books. Once again about writers. Essays; and Vadim Huseynov received a diploma for the design of the book by Natalia Zazulina - European Solitaire: Chronicle of the last decade of the reign of Catherine II.

In 2019, the winners of the competition in the category Best Book Design were several designers - Boris Trofimov for the design of books Saharov. Kefir must be warmed: A love story told by Elena Bonner to Yuri Rost and The Unknown Stanislavsky. Materials for the productions, motives of scenery, costume designs, make-ups, as well as Alexander Vasin together with Daria Litovchenko for the design of the book - Korolev. Horizon of events. Tender letters of a harsh man.

Company facts

1. Boslen company specializes in the production of original nonfiction publications and albums.

2. Each edition in Boslen's portfolio is an opening book, which includes materials that are published for the first time.

3.  Among the partners of the publishing house are various museums, institutes, publishing houses, as well as public and private organizations.

4.  Books of the company annually become winners of many international and national competitions and awards in the field of literature and book design.


Russia, Moscow, 71, Bakuninskaya ulitsa, Building 10
+7 495 902-00-69