The international company Hello.IO, based in Moscow, was founded in 2011. Today, the organization is the world leader in the number of open multimedia parks.

At the moment the company has four brand directions:

- Hello Computer - content development for multimedia stands, installations, museums and urban projects;
- Hello Park - interactive amusement parks in mixed reality, ready-made products of the company;
- Hello Phygital - rental of interactive games and attractions;
- Hello School - school of innovative developments.

One of key technologies of Hello.IO is phygital - integration of physical and digital world.
For the whole period of work the company has implemented more than
500 projects on
three continents

The Company is a resident of Skolkovo and a member of Moscow Innovation Cluster. In 2020, the organization received support from the Moscow Export Center, the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of the city of Moscow, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation (Minpromtorg).


History of the Company

Hello.IO was founded in 2011 by Maxim Yakhontov and Sergey Prikhodko and represented a project in the field of advanced interactive technologies.

In the first years of its existence, the company was focused on developing single exhibition stands, advertising stands for brands, art objects for museums, interactive installations, festival projects. The company Zabava Digital was also established to provide installation rental services.

Multimedia spaces

One of the brightest and most interesting directions of the company's activity is multimedia spaces, which in recent years have rightfully become a leader in the market of innovative entertainment:

- EdTech - educational multimedia halls for schools and preschool institutions.

- ArtTech - immersive multifunctional spaces at the junction of art and technology, multimedia museums (Interactive Orchestra for Tchaikovsky Museum, Interactive Library in the Pushkin Museum Reserve).

- SportTech - projects created from the interaction of sports disciplines and multimedia spaces (Adidas Interactive Zone at Faces&Laces, presentation of Adidas Supershell touch sneakers).

- Eco Park - inclusive eco-projects aimed at promoting and supporting sustainable development goals among the Russian population (EcoTech interactive exhibition installations, Brighter Together - the energy-saving festival in Gorky Park).

International market

The company Hello.IO has been actively working for export for more than three years and continues to develop in this direction. By now, the company has been able to implement projects in such countries as: USA, Austria, CIS countries, Spain, South Korea, China, Philippines, Qatar, UAE and others.

A team specializing in international development has been established at Hello.IO to work on foreign markets. The group of specialists includes developers, product and site managers, technical specialists, marketers, visualizers, translators, sustainability specialists and others. All department employees speak foreign languages.

All marketing materials and products existing in the company (ready-made parks and attractions) are adapted to English, as well as some other languages - Chinese, Korean, German, etc. The company pays great attention to the orientation of export contracts and, accordingly, to the training of personnel to work in such conditions. The management of Hello.IO actively promotes the learning of foreign languages among the company's employees, supports and initiates their self-development in every possible way.


4 facts:

1. Hello.IO is a world leader in the number of open multimedia parks.

2. The company has implemented more than 500 projects on three continents.

3. The largest project of the company is Alice: Return to Wonderland.

4. Share of export in total revenues of the company is 45%.


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