Scientific – production enterprise Electron special technological equipment (NPP ESTO) was established in 2002 by its longstanding partners - Electronservice, Laser and apparatus TM and ESTO-vacuum company.

Today the equipment of the plant NPP ESTO is successfully used in various industrially developed regions of Russia at the enterprises of nuclear, space, electronic and instrument-making industries, as well as at the enterprises of small and medium business that work in the field of high technologies.
NPP ESTO is located in Moscow in Zelenograd, which is the center of Russia's electronics industry. The company has its own engineering and production complex of 4000 square meters.

Scientific and production centers

At present, the company structure includes three research and production centers in the following areas: development and manufacturing of laser, vacuum and assembly equipment. There are also general divisions of the company: complex technological center, financial and economic division, marketing department, service center and a number of general production areas of the plant of technological equipment.

The company's centers, which perform works in the field of activity, are included:

  • design offices;
  • research laboratories;
  • units for development, installation and adjustment of control and power units;
  • shops for assembly, adjustment, start-up and testing of technological equipment of the enterprises;
  • divisions on development of special software for technological equipment of the enterprises;
  • production areas for assembly of optical, vacuum, cooling and precision mechanics systems.

The enterprise can be rightfully considered the Russian leader in the sphere of vacuum and laser technological equipment production.

In terms of laser production NPP ESTO is considered a leader in its industry - the company produces as many technological laser units as all other Russian competitors combined. 

In the field of vacuum-plasma treatment the company manufactures as many units of equipment as Research Institute of Precision Machine Manufacturing, however, the enterprises operate in different niches. All other Russian manufacturers in total produce the same amount of vacuum equipment as NPP ESTO.

Company products


NPP ESTO is also engaged in exporting its products - mainly to China, South Korea and other countries of South

NPP ESTO has many foreign partners, among them:

  • Japanese company Fujikin Incorporated, which is engaged in development and production of small diameter pipeline valves.
  • Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology (England) is a leading supplier of equipment and modern technological processes for etching and deposition of micro- and nanostructures.
  • Picosun Oy (Finland) is a world leader in the development of atomic layer deposition method designed for application of films of various materials.
  • Solar-Semi GmbH (Germany) is one of the leading German producers of plate washing and drying systems.
  • POLYTEKNIK AS (Denmark) develops and manufactures equipment for spraying thin films on various types of substrates and materials.
  • Heidelberg Instruments Mikrotechnik GmbH (Germany) is a world leader in the field of development and production of masking-free laser lithography systems.
  • The company Vistec Electron Beam GmbH provides advanced technological solutions for modern electron-beam lithography.
  • ISIS sentronics GmbH (Germany) develops sensors based on optical interferometry.
  • Jandel Engineering Limited (England) manufactures systems for four-point resistivity and surface resistance measurement.
  • E+H Metrology GmbH - has extensive experience in manufacturing capacitive sensors.
  • Fraunhofer FEP. The main fields of application of FEP technologies are: Engineering, Instrumentation, Solar Energy, Biomedical Technologies, Informatics and Communication.
  • Maicom Quarz GmbH (Germany) - developer and supplier of technology based on inductive atmospheric plasma for use in the quartz glass industry.

Moscow, Zelenograd, 5, Georgievsky prospect, Building 1
+7 495 981-91-69