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Strochka is a full cycle garment factory . The company develops and sews textile products at its own production facility in Ekaterinburg.

The factory provides a wide range of tailoring services for corporate clients. For example, Strochka manufactures functional and durable uniforms for various industries, including staff of restaurants, hotel and hotel employees, medical personnel and beauty salons. The factory's designers and constructors select the optimal solution for each customer, taking into account the specifics of the business.

Another of Strochka's areas of activity is creating uniforms for sports teams. When sewing them, the factory takes into account all the important nuances: the characteristics of the material, the strength and durability of the fabrics, as well as the specifics of the activity for which the model is developed.

The company also manufactures personal protective equipment - disposable and reusable branded masks, protective suits, gowns and shoes.

The factory can produce turnkey collections, which includes the development of sketches and patterns, selection and purchase of fabrics, sewing samples, branding, ironing, packaging and delivery of the final product to the door.

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