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RED SOFT is a Russian developer and provider of IT solutions and services, a Skolkovo resident, and a member of the ARPP "Domestic Software" and RUSSOFT.

The company implements complex projects in the field of data storage and management based on its own technology stack. It is an efficient team with more than 15 years of development experience in the Russian public sector.

RED SOFT has its own product line: RED OS, Red Database DBMS, Red Platform, RED Virtualization, REDSLUZ, and others. Among our customers are over 20 state agencies and corporations, including the Federal Bailiff Service, the Prosecutor General's Office, the Ministry of Defense, Rostelecom, Transneft and Gazprom. Projects are actively being implemented in the country's regions.

From the first AIS to software for CII facilities

Currently, RED SOFT is transferring objects of critical information infrastructure to Russian sanction-resistant software and contributing to the digitalization of the country's economy. For example, in 2020, RED SOFT specialists implemented the RED OS operating system on workstations and servers of Chernomorneftegaz, Rostelecom, and other industry enterprises. In the same year, the Ministry of Digital Security acknowledged Digital Enforcement Proceedings, a super-service developed jointly with the Russian Federal Service for Financial Markets as the fastest online service on the Gosusluzhba portal. "RED SOFT specialists developed their first projects for the Russian Federal Service for Financial Markets in 2010. Among them was an automated information system based on Red Database DBMS and Red Platform. Later - the GosLinux operating system. To date, the company provides technical support to the agency on operational issues," says Rustamov, Deputy General Director of RED SOFT, about the beginning of the softwender's journey.

The company's customers include more than

20organs state power

15 years of experience

In-house software developer

Skolkovo resident

RED SOFT develops information systems for other government agencies and supports electronic interaction between agencies. Customers include the Russian Ministry of Defense, the RF Prosecutor General's Office, the Russian Federal Bailiff Service, the Federal Air Transport Agency, the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service, etc. At the same time, the company is developing its product line, including its flagship product - the RED SOFT operating system RED OS. The solutions are used to carry out IT import substitution program. RED SOFT does not stop at what has been achieved. The demand for domestic IT products is growing and new strategic tasks of the state level arise. The company grows along with them. Today 300 people work in RED SOFT in Moscow, Murom, Dubna, and Tver. The company develops products to meet the new requirements of the Russian market and its customers. Among them are a complex solution for server and workstation virtualization management - RED Virtualization, a centralized configuration distribution and domain account management system - RED ADM, a set of programs for biometric processing of graphic and video information - GEMBA-stack.

RED OS ecosystem: a functional solution with a wide range of applications

In 2013, guided by security issues, the government decided to replace foreign software with domestic ones. Having experience in developing an operating system for the Russian Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision and its successful implementation, RED SOFT introduced RED OS to the market.

The RED OS operating system is based on free software (Linux-compatible distribution) and proprietary developments. As of today, RED OS has confirmed compatibility with a wide range of software products - from office applications and browsers to specialized software, rapidly developing the ecosystem and providing the user with an opportunity to make a comfortable transition from foreign to Russian software. It is important to note that RED OS has also confirmed its compatibility with domestic hardware, which allows for the formation of comprehensive technostacks that comply with the import substitution policy.

RED OS is registered in the Uniform Registry of Russian Computer Programs and Databases of the Ministry of Communications of Russia (No. 3751). RED OS has been certified by FSTEC of Russia for the fourth protection class. This means that the solution can be used at critical infrastructure facilities, in state information systems up to the first security class inclusive, and personal data information systems up to the first security level of personal data inclusive.


This new version of the operating system was released in 2021. Among its advantages: the use of the latest stable version of the Linux 5.10 LTS kernel (long-term support) accelerated the interaction of OS and "hardware"; the most complete package databases of drivers GutenPrint, OpenPrint-PPDs, Foomatic were added for full work of scanners and printers; it means that under RED OS 7.3 even old devices will work correctly; availability of own repository located in Russia eliminates even the theoretical threat of shutdown due to sudden restrictions or sanctions; familiar and user-friendly interface; high quality technical support; available on Yandex Cloud Marketplace in the "Virtual machines" section.

"Today, the RED OS is already installed on the automated workstations and servers of various government agencies and state corporations. New specialized software required for the business processes of industry organizations is appearing. Russian hardware is becoming popular. Our operating system timely confirms compatibility with each of them. This is the only way to create an import-independent technology stack and implement it in a short time," commented Rustam Rustamov, Deputy General Director of RED SOFT.

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