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Alexey Rannev graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University (Faculty of Economics), holds a Master's degree.

Prior to joining Nanotechnology Center of Composites, Alexey Rannev headed the special projects department of Business Analytica company, where he was engaged in quantitative research on Fast Moving Consumer Goods product markets, algorithmization and automation of retail audit data processing.

Since February 2019, Alexey Rannev has been heading the Nanotechnology Center of Composites. Prior to that, Rannev held the position of Technical Director of Nanotechnology Center of Composites company, and from July 2018 he was acting as General Director.

Alexey Rannev has been involved in the life of Nanotechnology Center of Composites since the company was founded. In various years, he was responsible for the center's products and projects, technical directorate. Under his leadership and with his participation, the largest projects in the field of Research & Development and production were implemented: a number of Research & Development contracts for 14 subprogrammes of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Research & Development component for the development and production of carbon plastic elements of helicopter simulators, a production start-up for thermovacuum molding, organized serial deliveries of components for transport, implemented several dozens of one-off projects for the production of products from the polymer composite materials.

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