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Residents of technopolis "Moscow" have contributed over ₽4 billion to the capital's budget

Residents of technopolis "Moscow" have contributed over ₽4 billion to the capital's budget

Residents of the Technopolis Moscow special economic zone paid 4.2 billion rubles to the budget for 2021, Deputy Mayor of the capital Vladimir Efimov said.

"Residents of the Technopolis Moscow SEZ paid 4.2 billion rubles of tax deductions to the capital's budget in 2021. This is 13% more than in 2020, when this amount reached 3.7 billion rubles, and 20% more than the same indicator in 2019, when deductions amounted to 3.5 billion rubles. Such growth is associated with the active development of production sites of enterprises, the development of new products and their sale in the regions of Russia and abroad," Efimov said.

He noted that in total, during the operation of the SEZ – since 2006 – its residents have transferred almost 16 billion rubles to the budget system, and most of the tax payments in 2021 fell on the cluster of microelectronics, optics and radio equipment.

The volume of insurance premiums paid by residents of technopolis "Moscow" has also increased in the past year.

"Residents of the special economic zone paid 1.7 billion rubles for insurance premiums – 13% more than in 2020, when payments reached 1.5 billion rubles, and 70% more than the amount of contributions in 2019, which amounted to one billion rubles. Today, enterprises are opening new vacancies and are looking for engineers, scientists, IT specialists and managers," explained Vladislav Ovchinsky, Head of the Investment and Industrial Policy Department.

Gennady Degtev, General Director of Technopolis Moscow SEZ, recalled that residents managed to save significantly in 2021.

"Technopolis residents saved 890 million rubles on tax payments last year thanks to preferences. They are exempt from taxes on land, property and transport, and the income tax for them is two percent," he said.

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Author: Ulyana Lutskevich
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