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New staff and active demand: the founder of MoyOfis named the main measures to support IT​

New staff and active demand: the founder of MoyOfis named the main measures to support IT​

The Russian government needs to increase the number of budget places for training in IT specialties and generate demand for digital products to help the industry develop actively, Dmitry Komissarov, founder, Director of Product Development and Development at MoyOfis, said in an interview with the editorial board of Made in Russia at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

- Tell us what is included in the portfolio of services of MoyOfis?

- MoyOfis is a platform that replaces office applications from Microsoft. This is a complete set of necessary desktop, mobile and web applications for communication and collaboration with documents on computers, tablets and smartphones anywhere in the world. MoyOfis solutions provide full control over data, the inviolability of personal and work information, comply with industry security standards and the requirements of Russian legislation, are suitable for organizations of any size, as well as for home use. For private users, MoyOfis products are available for free, they are included in the state pre-installation program and are presented on all new computers, tablets and smartphones.

At the end of 2021, we released a new generation of Mailion corporate mail. This is a replicated solution that provides simultaneous work of 1 million people and is deployed on the infrastructure of the customer or a trusted partner. The product is intended to replace Microsoft Exchange.

Thus, in addition to replacing the editors of text and tabular documents directly, we also propose to replace the mail solution, which is required in almost all large large organizations. We are seeing an increase in interest in our product and expect a very large flow of customers in the near future.

- Which major Russian organizations and companies use your digital products?

- Already now our programs are used by Russian Post, Russian Railways, Rosatom, Aeroflot. The day before the start of SPIEF-2022, we announced a deal with VTB — the bank acquired and deployed 100,000 licenses at users' workplaces. This is the largest deal for the supply of domestic software not only for our company, but also for the entire Russian market.

- Is regulation required, in your opinion, to further stimulate the development and import substitution in the IT industry?

- Everything is fine with regulation, the state has taken a course to support the IT industry. There is a strong shortage of qualified specialists who could be hired. The Ministry of Finance has increased budget places in universities for IT specialists, but the market needs even more personnel. According to estimates, we are missing about 1 million IT specialists. From a business point of view, it is necessary to create demand. The state is stimulating the transition, and it is important to say what digital solutions are missing, and simply generate demand.

- What are your expectations from the forum?

- We are waiting for new customers and we want to occupy half of the market.

The jubilee XXV St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is being held in St. Petersburg from June 15 to 18. The business program is traditionally devoted to the global and Russian economies, social issues, the development of new technologies, science and the "green" agenda.

Every year, more than 10 thousand people from Russia and other countries take part in the event, among them heads of state and government of developing countries, top management of major companies, leading world experts in the field of science and other fields. In total, representatives from 115 countries and territories are planning to take part in the forum. It is expected that about 3 thousand entrepreneurs will attend the event.

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Author: Ulyana Lutskevich
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