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Kaluga Region successfully replaces imported components in heavy machinery

Kaluga Region successfully replaces imported components in heavy machinery

In Russia, it is necessary to create all conditions for large, small and medium-sized businesses so that everyone has access to domestic components and components, says Konstantin Gorobtsov, Deputy Governor of the Kaluga Region. He noted that the region has already "succeeded" in import substitution in heavy machinery and assembly production.

"We all need to combine all efforts to create conditions for our manufacturers, large, small and medium-sized businesses, so that it becomes possible to use domestic components and components to develop completely new equipment for machine tool construction, industrial production, agriculture. Import substitution should take a leading position. All efforts in the coming years should be put into ensuring that we create a fully domestic industrial production," he told the editorial board of "Made in Russia" on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

Import-substituting projects are already being implemented in the Kaluga Region, the deputy governor noted, "We have heavy machinery, assembly production. We have succeeded in this – domestic equipment is already being used, we have learned to find replacements for imported components and spare parts. There is a gradual process of restructuring. There are already successes," he added

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Author: Ekaterina Ivanova
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