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Unique alloys for 3D printing were developed in Russia

Unique alloys for 3D printing were developed in Russia
Specialists of the National Research Center (SIC) "Kurchatov Institute" have developed alloys for additive technologies, the press service of the SIC reported.

Today, the Kurchatov Institute is one of the main developers of metal materials for 3D printing in the country. The alloys created here are superior to imported materials in a number of parameters, the center noted. For example, a heat-resistant cobalt-based alloy has an operating temperature 100 degrees higher than that of its foreign counterpart. The aluminum-based alloy of the VAS1 brand surpasses the foreign analogue AlSi10Mg by up to 50% in physical and mechanical properties, and the main characteristics of the high-strength corrosion-resistant steel of the brand are on average 20% higher than that of the main imported competitor PH1.

The institute said that Russian alloys are widely used in the domestic engine industry, for example, they are used to make parts for PD-14 and TV7-117ST aircraft engines. Now the Institute is working on additive technologies for the PD-35 high-thrust engine (designed for wide-body aircraft) and VK-650V and VK-1600V helicopter engines.

The Institute also creates metal powder compositions to replace imported materials that are used for protective coatings of critical parts of gas turbine installations and engines.

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Author: Ekaterina Ivanova
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