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"Yandex.Weather" will work in the Latin American market

"Yandex.Weather" will work in the Latin American market

Yandex is launching its weather service in Mexico and Brazil, the press service of the organization reported.

"Yandex.Weather" starts working with foreign companies. Solutions based on Meteum, the world's first weather prediction technology, whose algorithms are trained not only on instrument data, but also on user messages, will be used in different countries. Mexico and Brazil will be the first," the message says.

Meteum technology is based on machine learning and calculates the weather forecast based on data from various sources, the company explained. It uses data not only from radars, satellites and ground stations, but also from millions of users of the service.

Yandex believes that these functions will be in demand in many industries - from aviation, shipping and construction to insurance, agriculture and utilities.

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Author: Alexandra Zaslavskaya
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