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The demand for Essentuki mineral water in China has increased 15 times

The demand for mineral water "Essentuki No. 4" and "Essentuki No. 17" in China has increased 15 times in the last 4 months, said the company's CEO Svyatoslav Vilk.

"Deliveries of the products of the Aqua Holding Group of companies to China began at the end of 2020. But if then it was about small batches of mineral water and exclusively about the Essentuki brand, now the situation has changed. In May and June, we shipped more than a million units of products to the country. In general, over the past four months, the demand for our products in China has grown almost 15 times," Interfax quoted him as saying.

Vilk noted that food cargoes from Russia are delivered to China by rail. There are no problems with deliveries.

"Aqua Holding" is a joint company of "Aqua Invest" and "Kavminkurortresursy". In 2021, the company increased production volumes by 54% compared to 2020 — to almost 100 million bottles.

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Author: Alexandra Zaslavskaya
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