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A new type of heart surgery began to be performed in the Altai Territory

A new type of heart surgery began to be performed in the Altai Territory

Doctors of the Altai Regional Cardiology Dispensary began to perform a new type of heart surgery, the regional authorities reported.

"In the Altai Territory, the proportion of residents older than working age is quite high, and this leaves its mark on the work of the regional health system. It requires special approaches in treatment, improvement, including the expansion of types of minimally invasive surgical interventions. The endovascular operation to replace the aortic valve, which was started in our cardiodispanser, will make this type of assistance more accessible to the residents of the region and prolong their lives," said Dmitry Popov, the Minister of Health of the region.

The dispensary employs 11 cardiac surgeons and 12 X-ray endovascular surgeons who are regularly trained in leading cardiac surgery centers of the Siberian Federal District and Russia.

There are five operating rooms in the dispensary, made according to the technology of "clean rooms", three angiocomplexes, a CT scanner, modern functional diagnostic equipment, which allows, among other things, to conduct research intraoperatively, a clinical diagnostic laboratory.

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Author: Ulyana Lutskevich
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