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2016-07-11 08:35

Exports of pasta from Russia will start soon

In the near future Russia will be able to start supplying pasta products to foreign markets. This was announced in a joint press release of the Ministry of Agriculture and "Roskachestvo".

"I am sure that in the near future we will conquer this niche on foreign counters", - said Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev.

According to the latest research by Roskachestvo, where testing for compliance with standards took place in Russia spaghetti, we can well compete with Italian pasta. Out of 21 samples only four have not been tested, among which are brands: "Seventh Continent", "Granmulino", "Federici" and "Gallina Blanca".

All remaining spaghetti met basic standards and requirements. According to Maxim Protasov, the results show the highest quality of this product category. "One third of the pasta on the Russian market meets the increased requirements for potential recipients of the state "Seal of Quality", - said Protasov.

The testing carried out in cooperation with "Rospotrebnadzor" was based on 30 quality and safety indicators. Pasta products were tested for the presence of foreign impurities, pesticides, various types of mold, fraction of flour content from soft wheat varieties, moisture level and mass fraction of protein to determine the quality of used raw materials.

Products under the brands "Makfa", "Shebekinskie", "Barilla", "Fine Life (Russia)", as well as "De Cecco" and "HORECA select (Italy)", 3 "GLOCKEN (Germany)" received the highest marks of "Roskachestvo".

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