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SME Corporation and

2016-07-11 11:30

SME Corporation and "Made in Russia" became partners

The agreement on cooperation was signed between the organizations the day before. Within the framework of cooperation, the parties agreed on joint activities in the areas of forming a positive image of Russian manufacturers of goods and services, small and medium-sized businesses, development of ties with the business community of foreign countries, providing information support and support for business activities.

"Cooperation with SME Corporation is an important step in the development of the "Made in Russia" initiative. Small and medium business is the basis for "growing" high-tech companies producing high-quality and competitive products. For example, in the Kaluga region, more than 70% of enterprises involved in the pharmaceutical industry are small innovative companies. The same situation is observed in other industries in all developed regions of Russia," said Mikhail Sadchenkov, General Director of "Made in Russia".

"As part of the Made in Russia national brand concept for small and medium businesses, we are preparing to launch services to automate communication and marketing in the domestic and foreign markets. Our task is not just to issue the "Made in Russia" logo, but to create values for entrepreneurs in the form of services and opportunities to attract customers through collective promotion," explained Mikhail Sadchenkov.


National brand "Made in Russia" is the first international communication project to promote business, export and culture of Russia under a single umbrella brand.


JSC Federal Corporation for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises (JSC "SME Corporation") was registered in July 2015 with a charter capital of 50 billion rubles, 100% of shares owned by the state. The Corporation was established on the basis of non-bank deposit-credit organization "Credit Guarantee Agency".


Earlier the government called to speed up the appearance of the brand "Made in Russia". The project will create a common catalogue with information about Russian commercial and cultural brands, exporters and their products.


Mikhail Sadchenkov, General Director of the Made in Russia National Brand, told the participants of the panel session "Realizing the potential of national brands of Russia", which took place in the framework of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2016, about the potential of the Made in Russia brand and the marketing opportunities it provides for business.

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