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The popularity of cartoons for kids in Russia has grown almost 2 times

The popularity of video content for children created in Russia is growing rapidly, Izvestia learned.

Thus, according to the National Media Group (NMG), the number of views of children's videos on the online service it almost doubled in the second quarter of 2022. For example, the average monthly number of viewers who watched the series "Three Cats" increased by 85%. Popularity is growing among such shows as "Princesses", "Entertainment", "Lex and Plu. Space taxi drivers".

Similar indicators since the beginning of the year for children's videos and on Rutube. The number of video views for the youngest viewers on the hosting has doubled since the beginning of the year, the growth in July compared to May was 24%, the company's representative told the newspaper. In the near future, the daughter of hosting will be launched - the RuTube Kids children's application, where only children's content will be presented, manually selected by the editors of the service, as well as the parental control function and a viewing timer will be implemented. In addition, the audience of the children's TV channel CTC Kids is growing.

The popularity of children's entertainment applications is also growing.

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Author: Ekaterina Levina
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