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The sanctions have benefited the sewing enterprise "Yug-Textile"

Children's clothes are sewn at a sewing enterprise in Kabardino-Balkaria. From socks to outerwear. The collection is updated every six months. Western restrictions only helped the company to switch to domestic raw materials from Ivanov quickly and on time. Bright prints on children's clothes will withstand more than one wash, the product does not even shed, experts assure: "The laser is exposed specifically according to the drawing, then we smooth it out, the car starts, drives, then prints and paints are applied to it," said Yulia Slepchenko, a color artist. The company produces clothes for sleeping, relaxing, and festive outings. All made of the finest knitwear. The factory supplies its products to all major chain stores in Russia and CIS countries. The production has everything you need for smooth operation. Russian and Chinese equipment, fabrics. We have established new supplies of raw materials.

"Mainly Uzbekistan, Ivanovo – these are the two points where the fabrics come from. They are not inferior in quality to foreign fabrics, and we are happy to use them in the production of our products," said Ali Tyubeev, General Director of the Yug– Textile factory.

Now the designers of the company are working on the collection "autumn-winter 2022". The company is actively developing online sales under its own trademark in large marketplaces. The factory supplies finished products not only to the regions of Russia, but also to Kazakhstan and Armenia.

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Author: Olga Paramonova

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