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The risks of falling behind schedule are reduced to zero: in the Rostov region, road repairs are clearly going according to plan

In the Rostov region, as part of the national project "Safe high-quality roads", repairs of 144 kilometers of roads on 63 sections have been completed. At the same time, as specified in the regional government, a total of 139 sites are planned for this year. According to the head of the local Ministry of Transport, Vladimir Okunev, work on the remaining facilities is carried out according to plan, the risks of falling behind schedule are reduced to zero.

In parallel, the implementation of an intelligent transport system and the construction of a weight and size control point on the Millerovo — Veshenskaya highway in the Kasharsky district is underway in the Rostov region.

The portal "National Projects" reminds that the purpose of repair work is to make highways safe and comfortable, including to minimize deaths due to road accidents — by 2030, there should be 3.5 times fewer deaths in road accidents, up to four people for every 100 thousand of the population.

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