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New textbooks will appear in Russian schools

Textbooks that comply with the new federal state educational standards will appear in Russian schools, they will specify the content of the subject being studied, the press service of the Ministry of Education of Russia reported.

"A large number of publications sent for examination in 2022 is due to the reworking of textbooks for new federal state educational standards, which do not involve the introduction of new subjects or the abolition of existing ones, but specify the content of the subject being studied," the report says.

It is noted that in 2022, the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation received more than 1,200 textbooks. At the same time, the agency has significantly increased the requirements for the quality of incoming publications. As part of the updating of the federal list, it was decided to exclude 900 textbooks, the validity period of expert opinions on which exceeds five years. At the same time, the council sent 43 out of 1200 declared new textbooks for additional examination.

As part of the inclusion in the federal list of textbooks intended for the implementation of adapted general education programs, first of all attention was paid to the need to cover all categories of children with disabilities (disabilities). Thus, the federal list will be replenished with 47 textbooks, which, among other things, are intended for children with intellectual disabilities and visual impairment.

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