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Russia is not yet able to import equipment for the film industry

The film industry cannot replace foreign equipment for filming, as the necessary equipment is not produced in Russia, said the general director of the Mosfilm film concern, People's Artist of Russia Karen Shakhnazarov.

Earlier, Lenfilm recognized the complete dependence of film studios on imported equipment. The St. Petersburg studio, writes RBC, was unable to fulfill the instructions of President Vladimir Putin and switch to domestic equipment for further film production.

"Filmmaking can stop. While there are stocks, the cameras do not immediately fail, but, for example, there is already a shortage with hard drives. I do not know how to get out of the situation," thinks Shakhnazarov. - In the USSR, everything was of good quality, but in the 90s everything was completely ruined. And now, indeed, Russia, unfortunately, does not produce anything. Back in 2014 and then I said at the highest meetings that we need to establish our own production, but I don't see any action yet.

Experts say that there is nothing domestic in the industry at all, not a single detail, not even a domestic cable. "Everything, everything – lights, cameras, sound, software, there is nothing at all that would be produced in Russia. And I don't see anyone willing to start production," Shakhnazarov said.

Experts believe that China can supply cinema equipment to Russia, they also suggest using the possibilities of parallel import. But the filmmaker believes that this is not the way out.

"Maybe the Chinese produce something, but in general we need to do it ourselves. We tried to bring equipment from other countries, it's very difficult. Manufacturers are very tightly controlled, monitored, because they understand where it can go," Shakhnazarov summed up.

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Author: Olga Paramonova

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