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The largest Russian wine producers will increase production volumes

This season, Kuban-Vino will produce about 85 million bottles of wine. This will exceed by 40% the volume produced by the company in 2021.

"This is facilitated by the introduction of fresh technological techniques in the processing of grapes and optimization of logistics of wine materials within the group of companies," says Evgeny Emelyanov, Deputy General Director of Kuban-Vino.

In "Fanagoria", all launched modernization programs are continuing and will be, as emphasized by Peter Romanishin, General Director of "Agro-industrial Firm "Fanagoria", necessarily implemented.

The chief technologist of the Chateau de Talu winery said that winemakers are people working in uncertain conditions.

"Therefore, we are quickly rebuilding processes and adapting to new realities. It is difficult to find spare parts for our equipment, which we purchased in Europe. But all our partners are involved in the process and promptly help in finding the necessary details," she said.

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Author: Olga Paramonova

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