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All measures to protect against bubonic plague have been taken in Russia

The fourth alarm level has been set in China after the discovery of the first case of bubonic plague. After the disturbing news, the editorial board of "Made in Russia" decided to find out from experts what is the risk of contracting this disease in Russia and whether there is an antidote.

The first bubonic plague vaccine was invented in Russia

Rospotrebnazdor reported that all measures have been taken in our country to exclude the importation of bubonic plague from China. At great risk are the regions bordering Mongolia, India and China, where there is a serious spread of the plague, since animals, pathogens of the plague, Yersinia pestii live there.

Experts advise you to be vaccinated when traveling to these parts. There is a vaccine in Russia.

"There is a vaccine, and it is very effective. In pandemic zones, it works for about a year, where, in areas where there is an outbreak, it is recommended to be revaccinated every six months. But this is only in emergency situations. In general, standard anti-epidemic measures are needed," said Professor, infectious diseases doctor Nikolay Malyshev.

The first vaccine that cures bubonic plague was created at the beginning of the XX century by Vladimir Khavkin, a bacteriologist, immunologist and epidemiologist from plague sticks killed by fever. Later, in 1934, the Soviet bacteriologist Magdalena Pokrovskaya created and tested a new plague vaccine on herself.

Nowadays, the Live plague vaccine is used to prevent the plague. It is a live culture of the vaccine strain of the plague microbe Yersinia pestis EV, dried by lyophilization in a stabilizing medium. The vaccine causes the development of immunity to the plague lasting up to one year.

"Bubonic plague is a perfectly treatable disease," explains pediatrician – immunologist, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Andrey Prodeus, "It's not a virus, it's a bacterium that is very sensitive even to standard antibiotics. When the antibiotic streptomycin appeared, it became deadly for Yersinii."

Traveler's Office

Nikolay Malyshev adds that Russia has a well-established system of epidemiological control, which is several decades old.

"And there is no such system anywhere in the world," he stressed.

Before going on vacation, Malyshev advises visiting the traveler's office, this is a specialized service that advises a person about where he is going. There is such an opportunity in Moscow: in Infectious Clinical Hospital No. 1, at the Institute of Medical Parasitology, Tropical and Vector-Borne Diseases named after E.I. Marcinovsky.

"Vaccinations are great, but there are a number of diseases from which vaccination will not save, but prevention will help. Experts recommend vaccinations in advance, as it should be understood that a vaccination made the day before departure cannot save anyone, since it will not even have time to start acting," Malyshev added.

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Author: Olga Paramonova

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