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Voters in Moscow will be transferred to "digit" for convenience

The electronic list of voters is being used for the first time in Moscow during the municipal elections to be held on September 9-11. The method will include traditional and online voting, which is designed to simplify the election procedure and reduce the number of possible shortcomings.

First of all, the system will be able to quickly find the right person and will not lose part of the lists, and also will not confuse the two namesakes, which will completely eliminate the human factor from the process. In addition, the system will not allow a person to vote twice. At the same time, there is no information in the electronic list about who a particular voter is voting for, only the fact of issuing a ballot is recorded.

The electronic list includes absolutely all voters, regardless of the method of voting: at polling stations, at home or online.

An application for participation in electronic voting can be submitted in advance, and the voter can decide which method is preferable directly on the election days.

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Author: Alexander Baigazin

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