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Filmmakers will be given grants for creating the image of Moscow in films

Six films will receive grants for creating the image of Moscow in the cinema. Among them are films released on streaming platforms or in cinemas in 2021-2022. This is stated in the message of the capital's Department of Culture.

According to the agency, the grants will receive paintings: "The Last Hero: Messenger of Darkness", "Blind Valentine's Day", "Be my Kirill", "Like the Last One", "Boomerang" and "Snow Maiden against all".

As the department added, the more recognizable places there are in the timing picture, the larger the subsidy amount will be. The maximum grant will be given to the comedy melodrama "Blind Valentine's Day" (10 million rubles). At the same time, the total amount of grants will be 32 million rubles.

Earlier, the creators of the films submitted relevant applications to the Moscow Cinema State Library. Among other criteria, the number of viewers who watched a particular picture was taken into account.

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Author: Alexander Baigazin

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