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MISIS engineers together with Karfidov Lab have invented a device for marking electrical equipment

Engineers of MISIS University together with the Karfidov Lab design bureau have created a thermal transfer printer for marking cables, wires, connectors and electrical components by order of TZ Group. The development will allow replacing imported analogues and will cost a third cheaper.

The device is suitable for marking electrical equipment both in residential buildings and industrial facilities, facilitating its repair and increasing operational safety. Previously, it was necessary to mark manually. Today, special printers are used for this purpose, which allow you to create easy-to-read labels with inscriptions, symbols and even logos of companies.

"The task of finding solutions that will allow us to establish cost-effective production of any type of equipment for the domestic market is one of the most urgent today. We have managed to create a full—fledged microcomputer with a screen, keyboard, printing unit and tape broaching, which, when entering mass production, will meet the needs of the Russian market in electrical equipment," said Alexey Karfidov, co-founder and General Engineer of the Karfidov Lab Design Bureau, Head of the Department of Technological Equipment Engineering at NUST MISIS.

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Author: Ekaterina Levina
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