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Entrepreneurs of the Moscow region will be able to choose a point for trading online

The service, with the help of which an entrepreneur will be able to choose a point for trading, is planned to be launched in the Moscow region on August 15, the press service of the government of the Moscow region reported.

"Since August 15, a service has been launched, with the help of which a person himself, a small business entity, can indicate the point where he would like to trade. The municipal board will look as far as possible. It will also be all in electronic form," said Ildar Gabdrakhmanov, First Vice-governor and chairman of the government of the Moscow region, whose words are quoted in the press service.

The authorities noted that there is an active digitalization of business services in the region. So, since July 1, a service for obtaining a permit for non-stationary trade has been launched in the Moscow region. Due to this, the time for receiving the service has been reduced by 10 times.

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Author: Ekaterina Levina
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