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A new greenhouse complex for forest restoration appeared near Lake Baikal in Buryatia

A new greenhouse complex for growing pine trees was built near Lake Baikal in Buryatia, the forestry Agency of the republic reported.

"In the village of Gremyachinsk, five greenhouses have been erected on the territory of the Kikinsky forestry for the cultivation of young forest. Already next spring, foresters will sow the entire greenhouse complex — more than 1 million pine seedlings. This will increase the area of the restored forest under the federal project "Forest Conservation" of the national project "Ecology", — the department reported.

One of the five greenhouses has already been put into operation. 250 thousand pine seedlings were planted here, which will be planted in the Central Ecological Zone of the Baikal Natural Territory. These seedlings have a closed root system. This method of cultivation provides better survival than growing in the open ground. Special conditions allow you to grow the future forest faster and better: there is a special climate in the greenhouse, the temperature and humidity of the air are monitored and regulated daily, the earth is loosened, weeded and fertilized.

Reforestation works this year in Buryatia will take place on 24.7 thousand hectares in 22 districts. 37 million rubles have been allocated from the federal budget for this work, 965.8 thousand rubles for the formation of a reserve of seeds of forest plants.

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Author: Ekaterina Levina
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