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Vladivostok suspected "Delicious – and that's the point" of plagiarism

The seaside catering chain "Food and Point" has made a claim to the new McDonald's in Russia. Food and Point is a brand of a company that has been operating in Vladivostok since 2018. It registered its name as a trademark back in 2020. The company has a staff of employees, 20 branches and a workshop.

Vedomosti reports that "Food and Point" offered the successor of McDonald's to enter into negotiations on the adjustment of the trademark until August 8. If there is no agreement, the companies will resolve the dispute in court.

Human rights activists of the fast food chain from Vladivostok insist that the word "delicious" is a weak semantic link, because it often appears in the names of catering organizations. The catch is in the phrase "and dot", which, according to the opinion, "Food and dot" is a strong semantic element. The claim focuses on the fact that "the consumer will generally associate these designations with each other."

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Author: Olga Paramonova
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