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Scientists from Moscow have developed a super simulator for training astronauts and rehabilitation after a number of diseases

Specialists of the Moscow Aviation Institute reported that they have developed a simulator that will allow them to practice space flights and ways to explore the Moon. According to scientists, the equipment is suitable for other purposes. In particular, for rehabilitation after certain diseases and even for army training. According to TASS, the simulator uses virtual reality technologies. The Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center has already become interested in a device that surpasses analogues in many respects.

According to the head of the project Vitaly Polyansky, the equipment has the function of drawing up any scenarios of target tasks, including those that are in demand during the training of astronauts, but at the moment they do not have "in service".

The simulator consists of three vertical racks with a steel ring support with cables and belts between them. A person gets into the substrate on the support, fastens up and starts walking at the pace he needs, and he does not feel his weight. If necessary, you can squat or jump - the developers say that no similar device allows this.

But the main advantage of the simulator from the specialists of the Moscow Aviation Institute is that the trainee can fully immerse himself in virtual reality: move along the plane, climb and descend the steps, and in the future an analogue of the lunar surface with craters will be developed. It is known that the price of the simulator is several times lower than foreign analogues with less functionality.

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Author: Natalia Alyoshina

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