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In Russia, they began to produce coffee "Speshelti" on domestic equipment

Specialty coffee is instant coffee with a score above 82 points according to the SCA method. The only producer of raw materials for the drink in Russia announced the transition to domestic equipment. According to the portal "Made with us", the company was founded by the vice-world champion in roasting coffee beans and nine-time champion of Russia, barista Dmitry Borodai.

"We bought Russian equipment before it became necessary," the information portal quotes Borodai. According to him, workers find all the necessary components in Russia — from electronics to hardware. The cooking process looks like this: the raw materials are laid out on the shelves, after which a vacuum is created in the chamber. Then the product is frozen to -45 degrees, and then sublimation begins — the transition of water from an icy to a vaporous state. Already after the resulting raw materials, a product is made ready for use.

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Author: Ekaterina Levina

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