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The largest wind farm beyond the Arctic Circle is being built in the Arctic

PJSC Enel Russia is building the largest wind farm in the Arctic Circle.

The network infrastructure has already been created and the installation of wind turbines continues: 48 out of 57 turbines have been installed, all the foundations are ready. After commissioning, the Kola wind farm will be able to generate about 750 gigawatts per hour per year, and the total amount of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere will be reduced by 600 thousand tons per year.

The Governor of the Murmansk region noted that "the project is close to completion, despite the fact that all the sanctions obstacles are making themselves felt."

The project is important for the Arctic, as it will reduce the anthropogenic impact on the environment by 200 megawatts.

The General Director of PJSC Enel Russia, Zhanna Sedova, stated that the company "is determined only to complete the construction of the Kola wind farm, despite, as you probably have already heard, some problems of foreign contractors going out of business from the territory of the Russian Federation."

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Author: Ekaterina Levina

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