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Ministry of Agriculture: export of agricultural products from Russia in 2022 may reach $ 40 billion

The volume of exports of agricultural products from Russia by the end of 2022 may reach $40 billion, which is $2.9 billion more than in 2021. Dmitry Patrushev, the head of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, said this in a conversation with journalists during the All-Russian Field Day.

According to him, agricultural exports increased by 20% in comparison with the same period in 2021, which makes it possible to forecast positive dynamics by the end of 2022.

According to Patrushev, Russia, being an important participant in the global food security program, is ready to make full use of its export potential. "We are open for cooperation and will continue to supply high-quality products to the world market."

Patrushev added that in 2022, the ministry records an increase in supplies "in almost all directions." In particular, we are talking about the shipment of fat and oil, meat and dairy products, fish and seafood. In addition, it is planned to increase the volume of supplies, including by expanding its presence in Africa, the Persian Gulf, Southeast Asia and other regions.

According to the forecasts of the Ministry of Agriculture, the forecast for the grain harvest in 2022 remains at the level of 130 million tons. So far, the volume of grain harvested is more than 40 million tons, including 33 million tons of wheat.

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Author: Alexander Baigazin

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