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Residents of the Kaliningrad offshore paid 4.3 billion rubles in taxes for 6 months

Residents of the Special Administrative Region (SAR) on Oktyabrsky Island in Kaliningrad contributed 4.3 billion rubles of taxes and fees to the region's economy in 6 months of 2022. This is 1 billion rubles more than in the whole of 2021. Such data are published on the website of the Kaliningrad Region Development Corporation.

This year, there has been a significant increase in applicants for redomicilation (the procedure for re-registering a company in another country and changing the legal address).

In February-March 2022, new norms of the legislation of the SAR, as well as the tax Code, came into force. They simplified the procedure of redomicilation, but made it more difficult for the participants of the ATS to apply tax benefits.

Now the Kaliningrad Region Development Corporation is forming proposals on improving investment for international companies.

On Thursday, July 28, representatives of the corporation announced proposals to clarify and adjust the current legislation.

"Taking into account the changes in the provisions of tax legislation concerning the taxation of international companies with the status of MHC (international holding company – approx. editors), the first practice of international companies fulfilling new legal requirements is beginning to take shape. Active interest is also shown by Russian holdings wishing to take advantage of the new rules on the status of the Moscow Art Theater for this category," said Anastasia Fedorenko, head of the Directorate of the Kaliningrad SAR.

Now there are 93 participants in the SAR on the territory of Oktyabrsky Island in Kaliningrad: 92 international companies and 1 international fund. There are 85 participants in the register, 8 international companies have left the association over the past two years. Since March 2022, 30 new participants have come to the SAR, which is one and a half times more than the average annual increase.