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Phantom animals for cancer research were created by scientists in Russia

Scientists of the National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) have found a way to exclude the use of laboratory animals in preclinical studies in the field of radiation therapy of oncological diseases. Instead of living animals, they have developed a dosimetric phantom — three-dimensional models of laboratory rats and mice that can completely replace them at some stages.

According to the press service of TPU, animal phantoms will allow to minimize the negative effect of treatment during research and to obtain the most correct data of the irradiation site. In addition, scientists will also be able to correctly contour the tumor and critical organs, choose the necessary radiation dose, make a correct plan, check it with a dosimetric phantom, and then irradiate patients.

The study was divided into several stages. First, the scientists analyzed the indicators of laboratory animals to determine their anatomical structure. After that, the researchers created digital three-dimensional models of the body and some internal organs of animals. Thus, a printable 3D model was obtained.

The use of phantoms, according to scientists, will reduce the number of live animals in preclinical trials, which will reduce the cost of these procedures and make them more ethical. In addition, the phantom can be used many times, and their shelf life is limited only by accidental mechanical damage.

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