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R:ED Robotics Education: a robot for school and home with your own hands

R:ED Robotics Education: a robot for school and home with your own hands

Robotics will become a mandatory module of the "Technology" lesson from the academic year 2022-2023. Schoolchildren will be able to independently learn how to program a constructor to perform various tasks. Maxim Sushkov, Executive Director of R:ED Robotics Education, told about this in an interview with "Made in Russia".

"The first component of robotics is design. The child combines the details of the designer with each other and thus learns the principles of creating complex mechanisms with movable elements," Sushkov said.

Another important step is working with motors, circuit boards, wires, sensors and much more. The child learns the world of robotics in a playful way, understanding with each new step why the order of connection is important, what control signals, power and much more are.

"The third important component is programming. Younger children get acquainted with programming in visual block mode by connecting block figures on the screen, each of which is responsible for some action of the robot," Sushkov added.

Depending on the age of the child, programming becomes more complicated. For older children, there is a text mode in which the program is written using commands.

Most of the sales of R:ED consist of purchases of class kits of designers in public schools. We also develop teaching materials and professional development programs for teachers.

The constructor can be purchased not only in the form of a class kit for educational institutions with a full description of the educational process, but also in the form of a regular set for personal use. Advanced training kits and educational and methodological complexes are also available to users.

Read the full version of the interview of the executive director of R:ED Robotics Education Maxim Sushkov to the editorial board of "Made in Russia" at the link.

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