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Maxim Sushkov: how to integrate domestic robotics in education

Maxim Sushkov: how to integrate domestic robotics in education

Russian equipment, when introduced into the learning processes of schoolchildren, must be compatible with analogues that were purchased from abroad. Then it will be possible to apply domestic technologies in the educational process completely painlessly. Maxim Sushkov, Executive Director of R:ED Robotics Education, told about this in an interview with "Made in Russia"."Purchases of equipment in many schools have been going on for years, teachers are already teaching robotics as part of additional education.

In order not to change the entire educational process for new equipment, all components of robotic kits — plastic, software, electronics - must be compatible with the equipment that has already been purchased in schools," Sushkov said.

According to various forecasts, the transfer of schools to domestic equipment may take from 5 to 7 years. At the same time, it is possible to speed up the process if the course for successful import substitution is maintained. As Sushkov added, Russia is already the flagship in the development of educational standards in the territory of the post-Soviet space.

Read the full version of the interview of the executive director of R:ED Robotics Education Maxim Sushkov to the editorial board of "Made in Russia" at the link.

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