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The plant for waste disposal and neutralization was modernized in Bashkortostan

An enterprise from Buzdyak in Bashkortostan has upgraded a facility for recycling and neutralization of waste of hazard class 3-4 and is preparing it for industrial launch.

The pyrolysis furnace is capable of destroying 3.5 thousand tons of waste per year. The device works with waste that does not respond to the rotting process and causes irreparable damage to the environment - railway sleepers, tires, polymers, rubber and textile waste, medical and bio-waste, oils, drilling and oil sludge.

Such an installation is the first in Bashkortostan, it will process industrial waste from enterprises from all over the republic.

The uniqueness of the installation is that all processes take place in an oxygen-free environment, which eliminates emissions into the atmosphere, and the production itself turns out to be economical and waste-free due to cyclicity.

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