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Roselectronics will build a competence center for airfield equipment in the Chelyabinsk region

Chelyabinsk radio plant "Flight" (holding "Roselectronics" of Rostec State Corporation) will build a competence center in cooperation with the company "Moselektronproekt", which will develop new civilian products, including equipment for the modernization of civil and experimental aviation airfields. This was reported to the editorial board of "Made in Russia" by the company's press service.The competence center "Flight" will appear in the industrial park "Malaya Sosnovka" of the Chelyabinsk region.

"Investments in the project are estimated at 2 billion rubles, the number of jobs created is at least 800. All preparatory procedures have already been completed, and with the support of the regional administration and Moselectronproject, we plan to start construction by the end of 2022," said Alexander Nesterov, General Director of the radio plant.

The development of the Malaya Sosnovka Industrial Park in the Chelyabinsk Region began in 2022. The park with an area of more than 110 hectares is located 2 kilometers from Chelyabinsk within the boundaries of Sargazinsky rural settlement of Sosnovsky district. The total investment of residents in the economy of the region is about 4 billion rubles, the number of jobs created is about 1.7 thousand.

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