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A new plant for the production of oil and energy equipment appeared in the Bryansk region

The plant for the production of oil and gas and power equipment has been put into operation in the Bryansk region, it was opened by the company "GazEnergoKomplekt". According to the portal "Made with us", the appearance of this enterprise in the region has become the largest in recent history.

"The plant is the only one in the Central Federal District for the production of high-tech equipment for the oil and gas complex of Russia," the message says. It will also design and manufacture equipment for the energy sector.The construction of the enterprise cost about 1.5 billion rubles, three hundred new jobs appeared.

Among the plant's customers are Gazprom, Magnit, Russian Railways, Minskenergo, Crocus International and others

According to official data, the plant plans to produce automated gas distribution stations of the Desna series, gas dehumidifiers, boiler modules, heat exchangers, filter separators, gas control points and automatic control systems, as well as modular buildings and metal structures.

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